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PVC Window Machine / PVC Profile Machine Running Well

Lian Shun’s PVC window machine / PVC profile machine has been successfully operated in factory. This successful operation demonstrates the high efficiency and reliability of the equipment, laying a solid foundation for the company’s further development in the field of plastic processing equipment.

Calibration table

PVC window machine also called PVC profile machine, UPVC window making machine adopts the most advanced technology and design, and can efficiently and stably produce high-quality PVC window profiles and other PVC profiles.


Key features of PVC window machine / PVC profile machine include:

High-precision extrusion: using advanced screw design and extrusion technology to ensure the dimensional accuracy and surface finish of PVC profiles.

Intelligent control: equipped with advanced PLC control system to achieve fully automated operation, reduce manual intervention and improve production efficiency.

Energy saving and environmental protection: The optimized heating and cooling system greatly reduces energy consumption and reduces the environmental impact during the production process.

High reliability: The entire production line is reasonably designed, stable in operation, easy to maintain, and reduces the failure rate and maintenance costs.

This not only proves the advancement and reliability of our machine, but also demonstrates our R&D strength in the field of plastic profile production technology. We believe that this PVC profile production line will bring significant production efficiency improvements and product quality improvements to our customers.

Cutter machine

Customer representative Zhang also expressed high appreciation for this cooperation: “ The successful operation of this test proves the advancement and reliability of our equipment. We believe that this PVC window machine / PVC profile machine will bring significant production efficiency and product quality improvements to our customers.”

LianShun company will continue to be committed to technological innovation and equipment optimization, provide high-quality and efficient production solutions, and create greater value for customers. The successful operation of this PVC window machine/PVC profile machine is an important breakthrough made by the company in the field of plastic processing equipment.

Post time: Jun-28-2024