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New PVC profile panel extrusion laminating machine production line successfully running

Recently, we successfully tested new PVC profile panel extrusion laminating machine production line. This test not only demonstrated the high efficiency of the equipment, but also marked an important step for the company in the field of plastic extrusion technology.


The test was conducted in company’s production workshop, and the results showed that the equipment ran well and achieved the expected performance indicators.

This PVC profile panel extrusion line combines the latest extrusion and laminating technologies to produce high-quality PVC profile panels efficiently and stably. The main features of the machine include:

High-precision extrusion: using advanced extrusion technology to ensure the dimensional accuracy and surface finish of PVC profiles.

Fast laminating: efficient laminating device, making the panel surface smooth, wear-resistant and beautiful.

Intelligent control: equipped with advanced PLC control system, it realizes fully automatic operation, reduces manual intervention and improves production efficiency.

Energy saving and environmental protection: the optimized design greatly reduces energy consumption and reduces the generation of waste, meeting environmental protection standards.


The successful operation of this test proves our R&D strength and technical level. We believe that PVC profile panel extrusion line will bring more efficient and high-quality product solutions to our customers.”


The success of this test not only proves the reliability and advancement of the equipment, but also lays a solid foundation for the upcoming mass production. Next, the company plans to carry out small-scale production in the next few months and gradually expand the production scale according to market demand.


Through continuous technological innovation and equipment optimization, our company is committed to providing customers with the best products and services. The successful operation of the new PVC profile panel extrusion laminating machine production line marks another important breakthrough in the field of plastic processing equipment.

Post time: May-20-2024